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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Introducing our New Responsiblity...

Over the last few months we have unfortunately lost a few of our cute little bunnies. One of old age and one from a heart condition. With small animals  such as these, death is a common topic and the kids learn something from it each time it happens. It's just a part of life. I don't want to bring this post to a sad end but want to show you the happy faces when we adopted  new bunnies. This time around we decided that it was time for "Sweet Pea" to have one too. I think the responsibility for her will be a wonderful thing. She will be 6 this year Aug. and with a little help I think she will be a good bunny keeper.

This is Bella. She is a lion head bunny and this is all the larger she will grow. Just the right size for little hands. Bella we have found likes to snuggle by your ear. She also likes to move all the bedding in her cage around so that she lays right on the plastic bottom. I suppose it is cooler for her.

Bella has been raised on a leash. She has a little collar and she is used to being on it.  We live near a major highway so this is a great way to keep her safe. She does hop around quite a bit which surprised us and tickled my little one .

Another photo of Bella and Sweet Pea .

Bella is such a fluffy bunny and so sweat and easy to handle.

This is Millie. She is a baby right now. She will grow quite a bit more as time goes. She is very easy to handle. She is a lion head as well . We wanted a bunny for Spirit that he could show at the 4-H fair and would be able to easily handle.

Our last little fur friend is Patches who is also a Lion head. Patches has a bit of an attitude. She scares a bit easier and we have to work with her more than the others. Although we do spend time with each of them every day to make sure we are able to handle them well.

Superboy is very good at handling her despite her fears. He is so calm with the rabbits and knows just what to do to settle them down. At the moment patches is having trouble figuring out how to drink from a water bottle and she hasn't been eating her food but not to worry we know what to do. Rabbits sometimes do this when they encounter a new environment and we just moved her to a new cage.

There is so much to learn about rabbit care or caring for any animal. It is a great responsibly for a child to take care of a living creature. This little fur friend relies on them for everything and becomes a good lesson for all ages.

Warm Blessings,


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Activity Day

Sometimes you just need a day out !
Spring is starting to peek at us her in PA. We
have days of clarity and days of rain. Over all
though all of us our just itching to get out of
the house. I feel like we have been trapped in
here for years. Now that's not true of course
but we don't get out as much in the colder
winter months. We often choose staying in and
keeping warm. I'm ready the kids are ready but
our weather isn't quite there yet.

Last Friday we decided to get out. Our home
school group often has activity days. They
present an activity and then the kids can play
in the gym with one another. It is all by choice.
On this particular activity day the theme was
making paper and paper bowls.  Now this was
supposed to be a nice warm spring day but
folks it was not. It was cold out. The kids
were in coats with their hands in cold water.
I so worried they would all be sick. Kids are
versatile and so we did it anyway.   

The person who planned this must be a
saint because what a fun, lovely mess. Our only
job was to bring  bowls, towels and come ready
to create. The kids scooped the pulpy gooey mess
onto their bowls and worked it till it created a
shape. Sweet Pea of course said EWW mom
can you do it. I of course gave her a bit of
a hand but had her do the most part. After they
Got the core of it on their bowl and made
sure there were no holes we choose
some color to add to the bowl.

Our wonderful coordinator had various
colors of construction paper that the kids
could choose and add to their bowls. This
paper was cut up in strips and soaking in
a mixture of glue and water. More Ewws
from Sweet Pea. We dried them in front of
a heater for a few day. They came right off
the molds and we had these marvelous paper
bowls... Now the question what do you put in
a paper bowl?  At this moment they are just
for decoration in the kids rooms. I am sure
they will figure something out to go in it.

We also were able to make some paper.
Now this was even a colder experience because
it was right outside on a blanket. The bowl
activity was located in a little alcove of the church
but this one being a lot messier was outside.
There were dishpans of very wet pulp.
Sweet pea used a screen to scoop it out and
then took a sponge to soak out the excess
water. Her paper turned out different than
normal paper. It dried a bit hard but she was
excited more about the process.

After the kids played in the gym and ran
around. Spirit needed that run around time.
He is such a hyper kid anyway and this was
exactly what he needed. My thought is wow
I wish I had a gym in my house . We sure
could use it.

Hopefully over the next few days we will get
to see more of the nicer weather. Maybe
even a few peeks of those new buds coming
out , Along with a few sneezes. Perhaps even
may I dare say it ... a day at the park. I am
so ready and so are the kids. What are you
doing to keep active ?

Warm Blessings,


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

P= Princess and Pumpkins

It has been awhile since I posted anything here. I really needed a break from blogging. I was beginning to have trouble writing anything anymore. Blogging suddenly became a job and that wasn't the original intent. And so I decided to stop for awhile. Today I felt like writing and I came across this post that I never shared. Of course it is more for the month of October but thought you might like it anyway.

What little girl doesn't love stories about Princess's?
My little one loves everything princess and everything fluffy, girly and Pink. I am so glad she likes all those things I sort of miss it. My oldest daughter loved everything girly too but then along came her next sister and well not so much. Still to this day she does not like over girly things. She chooses boys shorts because they are longer and really dislikes crafting. It has been fun for me after all these years to revisit girly girl things.

Anyway , Choosing a topic for the letter P was easy and obvious. We went with P is for Princess and Pumpkins. We read fun stories like the  Princess and the Pea, Cinderella, and Rapunzel.

I also found this book Wizard, Pirate and Princess things to make and do. It is from Usborne books. Do you know them?? Oh I so love Usborne. They have some really great products and I probably have shelves of them. Whenever I find anything retired at Yard Sale or book sales I grab them right up. You can also host a party and receive lots of free book goodies. If you need a consultant let me know. I know a friend. Now I'm not a big wizard fan but I have used this book for the Princess theme and did a pirate theme recently for the boys I watch. We made pirates hats for an explorers lesson in history too . My 3rd grader loves to make a new hat for each era we are studying.

Princess and the Pea was my favorite story when I was a little girl. Imagine sleeping on all those pillows. The idea of it is just so much fun. I found the picture idea of Princess and the Pea in the book above. Now the princess I drew using the how to guide in the book. I had my little Princess color and decorate hers and lay her on her mattresses. I also drew the bed for her in advance and had her add pieces of scrapbook paper cut into strips for her Princess's bedding. It turned out adorably !!!

This book also showed us how to make princess shoes which went great with the Cinderella story.  Although they turned out a bit to small to wear. I later though Ohh I should have gotten slippers to decorate. I will just shelf that idea for now because I am sure next year we will reread some of these stories and do more princess themes.

Of course the Princess attire would not be complete without the Fairy God mothers hat. This one was super easy. We painted a piece of paper and added glitter to it. Then I just formed a cone with it and stapled it. My Princess found some ribbon to add coming from the top. I probably should have had some elastic to help keep it on but over all it was great for a picture.

 Now since Cinderella's coach was a pumpkin I thought P for pumpkin too might be fun. This went perfectly with the time of year back in October. Keep that in mind when doing a princess theme. I found this printable to make a book called What's inside a pumpkin? I really wish I could remember where I got the printable but since it was October I just don't.  Heh heh.  You could always cut an orange pumpkin shape and write these words on the outside.

Inside the pumpkin we added pumpkin seeds and string to represent what you might see and feel inside.

We also made another orange pumpkin book to help us practice our numbers. I wrote the numbers for her with pen and then mixed up the pumpkins. We practiced a few times counting out seeds . When we were finished we glued them in. At that time she was recognizing numbers to 3 . We are now recognizing numbers to 10 !! whoo hoo Showing progress.

At last years Curriculum fair I found these hard books that you can write in whatever you like. I turned one into an ABC book and each time we learn a new letter we put something inside that begins with that sound. Now next year we will do more letter work and will have this book as a reminder. Our letter P page we used our knuckles to make pumpkins and added paper leaves. She used a crayon as well to make the vines. It turned about pretty cute.

For some Science we learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin. These life cycle cut outs are all over the web. If you google it you will have your choice of many different ones.  This is just a start. I hope to do more plant life here in the Spring. It has gone full circle.

I believe the following math pages came from Teachers Pay Teachers by Amanda Myers.  Have I ever mentioned How much I love them. I love being able to find things that teachers prepare. They know what we need they just do. Anyway I think this one comes from her Pumpkin No Math Prep e-pages. They were right what I needed. Now many of the pages I get for preschool can also be used for Kindergarten later. The skill is simple and then becomes complex as the sheets go. So next year I can use these pages again and they were only $4.00.

Last were some writing P sheets. The Highlight a Letter was a freebie from Teachers pay teachers. The color pages with the pig came from a writing workbook I had bought a few years ago. The Poem about Pumpkins came from Confessions of a Homeschooler. I printed one for each letter . We read it and then she highlights the letter P. Great recognition activity. Lots of letter P fun. Of course we always do our Handwriting without tears activities as well.  

I wish I would have had it in me to keep up posting of all of our letters but at very least you can get an idea of what we have been doing. I will hopefully be able to share more of them before the year ends and we will be doing more letter work next year in K so more to come anyway.

It's good to be back writing again. I might not write daily but I will share my thoughts and ideas when I have them.

Warm blessings,


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